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Ghivine Albergo Diffuso Dorgali

About us

Our History

The Ghivine Hotel Diffuso is full of character and was lovingly refurbished to reflect the original building’s heritage. It is the result of a detailed restoration of two residential buildings divided into three levels and located in the historic center of the village of Dorgali, whose original nucleus dates back to the end-1800s. The idea of this new hospitality formula started during one of the many excursions to Tiscali area, when the owner decided to join to the hiking guide route a service that would allow the extension of the friendship established following a whole day spent together with visitors. Which accommodation could have been more suitable to continue the day with guests and let them relax in a comfortable and traditional place? The answer was immediately clear: an Albergo Diffuso!

So it was that he bought some very old buildings and began restructuring, for which the outline that respected the local architecture was respected in its entirety, they are carefully crafted to reflect the style of 1830’s and brought up to modern standards. Innovative materials and traditional materials have given a new light to the building.

The white and blue framed building presents the characteristics of the typical Dorgali’s houses of the past, an internal courtyard that was used as a shelter for wagons and oxen, as a place for socialization and extension of the domestic environment for the activities related to the different seasons with the preparation of the wheat for milling, processing grapes, almonds, wool spinning, etc. the bread oven, juniper wood in the ceilings, today used in original in the Hotel’s details. In the Dorgali of the past, families had few spaces, a room (where everyone slept together), the courtyard, the stable and the common room for provisions and the oven. As the family grew, a new room was built, and therefore each of the hotel’s rooms was born at a different time. This was very useful in converting the building into a receptive structure.

Thus was born the Albergo Diffuso Ghivine, from that innate sense of hospitality that characterizes us Sardinians: we want you to discover our territory, our traditions and our stories.

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